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VICTORY! On June 30, 2009, the Catholic Charities/Family Builders by Adoption partnership was dissolved. Valerie Schmalz covered the announcement in the October 12 issue of "Our Sunday Visitor" , and the October 17, 2008 issue of "Catholic San Francisco" (PDF 5MB, page 12) confirmed Ms. Schmalz's story.

The CCCYO/FBA partnership was one of the motivations for the construction of this website, and we are happy about any part we may have played in the ending of this disastrous affair. (A quick rundown of the development of the partnership can be found here).

The Catholic San Fancisco story claimed that the partnership was only intended to last for three years--a claim that we have debunked here.

Despite the dissolution, Catholic Charities' website continued to link to Family Builders as a recommended adoption agency right through August 11, 2009--when FBA was caught adverstising for adoptive "parents" on the s/m webpage of the Bay Area Reporter and the "porn" page of the San Francisco Bay Times. After that was revealed, Catholic Charities pulled the link. Let's hope that's the last we hear of the regrettable partnership between Catholic Charities and Family Builders by Adoption.

Through Catholic Charities CYO (CCCYO) of San Francisco the activists have sought to normalize homosexual relationships, and to place them on a level of equality with marriage and natural families. They have proceeded incrementally, and have been successful.

The first step was to get the Archdiocese of San Francisco to recognize the same-sex “domestic partners” of CCCYO employees as equally deserving of benefits as are the married spouses of employees. This was in 1997.

This was followed by allowing homosexual couples to adopt children through CCCYO’s adoption network. This began as early as 2000.

The next step was CCCYO’s supplying staff to “Family Builders by Adoption” who call themselves the “gayest adoption agency in the country.” In 2006-07, at the time the partnership between CCCYO and "Family Builders" was formed, the point of contention was "Family Builders" open role in making children available to homosexual individuals, and how CCCYO could square this with church doctrine. On November 12, 2007 these words were on the "Gay & Lesbian Adoptions" page of their website:

"The ability of gay and lesbian individuals to adopt is affected by each state’s adoption statues. While several states prohibit gay and lesbian families from adopting, happily, that is not the case in California."

In 2008, "Family Builders" has moved beyond even this. We now find this sentence on their website:

"In the state of California, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals have the same rights as anyone to adopt a child."

So now money from special Church Mass collections for Catholic Charities (an annual event in the Archdiocese) will not only support homosexual adoptions, but "transgender" adoptions as well.

On July 23, 2007 CCCYO hosted it’s annual AIDS Housing Fundraiser. The entertainer was a well known San Francisco transvestite “Donna” Sachet. This may seem like a small thing, but it isn’t. Sachet is a serious homosexual activist, who, among other things, serves on the Board of Directors of the Equality California Institute, a group that is trying to legalize homosexual marriage in California. By inviting a transvestite who has appeared at numerous obscene homosexual & sado-masochistic functions (including at Most Holy Redeemer), CCCYO is showing that they no longer feel they need to hide, or attempt to find a secondary justification for, their affinity for the homosexual activist agenda.

This didn't just happen. Catholic Charities has staff members at the highest levels, who are not only aware of, but are part of, the homosexual activist network. When an organization gets over 60% ($20,525,272 in 2006-07) of it's operating revenue in the form of government contracts, you'd better believe politicians will call the tune. That does not mean Catholic Charities disagrees with the tune. It does mean that pressure from the outside coupled with strategically placed decision makers on the inside produces results like domestic partners benefits and homosexual/ transgender adoptions.  

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